Specialized Software Development, Inc. has provided computer hardware and software consulting and implementation services to businesses in South Florida since 1989. The main focus of our software consulting is accounting and financial management for medium to large-sized businesses. We currently service more than a hundred clients with consulting services and technical support, most of them with current installations of SBT/ACCPAC Pro Series and Vision Point as well as the award-winning line of products from Accountmate.

Gold reseller and solutions provider for ACCPAC/SBT Accounting systems until October 2001 with extensive experience on vertical application development, installation, training and support for it's entire line of products.

Currently, authorized distributor for the award-winning line of products from Accountmate including Visual Accountmate/Lan and Visual Accountmate/SQL

Our company technicians are certified in and have extensive experience with all of the most popular operating systems and platforms. For the last fourteen consecutive years we have been recognized for excellence in service to our customers.

Specialized Software Development, Inc. also offers an experienced development staff that is extremely familiar with several of the most frequently used development tools. Our development technicians have been thoroughly trained and certified in the SBT/Accpac and Accountmate development environment, and have written several enhancements and custom applications for our professional installations. Our experience is your assurance that Specialized Software Development, Inc. is capable of providing any assistance your company might need in system customization, application integration or custom application development.

As a company, Specialized Software Development, Inc. shares the philosophy of partnership with our clients. We are totally committed to your success, and we are prepared and qualified to provide the consulting, implementation and support services that you need.

    10440 N.W. 37th Terr • Miami, Fl 33178 • Phone (305) 513-4404 • Fax 1(305) 422-0229