Visual AccountMate LAN 5.0

Visual AccountMate/LAN is Accountmate's award-winning financial information solution that fulfills the needs of small- to mid-sized businesses. Written from the ground up in 32-bit Visual FoxPro object-oriented code, the software can be customized quickly and easily to fit the way you like to do business.

Visual AccountMate/LAN offers a wealth of powerful features such as multilingual capability, transaction rollback, drill down analysis and graphical presentations of inventory items you want your customers to see. VAM/LAN is extremely user-friendly, with a short and easy learning curve specially suited to today's fast-paced en

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Visual AccountMate SQL 5.0

Visual AccountMate/SQL is a leading-edge software package that combines the full functionality of our award-winning, Visual AccountMate system with the power of Microsoft's SQL Server... at an incredible user-friendly price. Not only is MS SQL recognized as the fastest-growing database in the world, it offers Visual AccountMate/SQL users enhanced investment protection for the long haul with superior scalability, up-time performance, better data security and easier E-commerce implementation.

Visual AccountMate/SQL is targeted to a wide spectrum of medium- to large-sized businesses, taking advantage of the speed of client/server technology, Seagate's Crystal Reports writer and the latest productivity-enhancing tools from Microsoft's BackOffice suite of products.

Visual AccountMate iSeries 4.0

Visual AccountMate/iSeries Version 4.0 offers small- to mid-market businesses the opportunity to integrate the power, reliability and scalability of IBM's AS/400 system with Visual AccountMate's award-winning financial information solution... all at a price point that fits a small business budget.

Optimizing IBM's DB2 database and OS/400 operating system, Visual AccountMate/iSeries users enjoy a vast array of benefits from IBM's AS/400 platform: a long-standing history of unlimited scalability, bullet-proof security, superior system up-time and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

With Visual AccountMate/iSeries, users no longer need to fret over data corruption, lengthy installation time, and the additional expense of extra people to keep the system up and running. With our worry-free Visual AccountMate/iSeries, you can focus on what you do best- managing your business, not your computers.

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