Work Order

"Work Order" is the base of the Everest Manufacturing Software system. This robust software system enables you to define a bill of materials for a manufactured item, enter work orders, track inventory during the manufacturing process, generate work orders - automatically - from sales orders, generate and automatically close kitting work orders during the sales order shipment process.

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Shop Floor Control

The Shop Floor Control Module allows you to post labor data for each work center - from conception until the work order is complete. Shop Floor Control lets you capture actual labor costs, compare to standard costs and se the progress of each work order within the system. Capacity planning is incorporated to determine capacity levels at each work center.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Using bar codes and/or magnetic strips, Shop Floor Data Collection makes it easy for your workers to accurately record their labor and production counts. This module reduces the effort required to enter data into the Everest System - and provides you with timely and accurate information.

Production Planning

The Production Planning Module Includes both Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and forecasting functions. Production Planning looks at actual demand, as well as forecasted demand and inventory requirements in order to generate manufacturing orders, suggested work orders and suggested purchase orders. After approving the suggested orders, acutal work orders and/or purchase orders are generated.


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