The first, fully integrated RMA module for Pro Series and Visual Accountmate. With RMA you can keep track of merchandise consigned from your customers as well as consignments made to your vendors. An inquiry feature allows you to verify the status of any merchandise received or sent to vendor.

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Provides options for RMA authorization as well as straight RMA product receipt.
Validation of warranty expiration of products both at time of creation of RMA and during receiving of merchandise.
Full serialized interface retrieves item information by only entering the serial number (when optional warehouse management system is installed) .
Processes customer RMAs and vendors RMAs.
Supports RMAs of RMA products.
Allows to scan bar code labels for serial numbers.
Automatic printing of documents for RMA authorization, RMA customer receipt, RMA process to customer, RMA to vendor, Receipt from vendor, RMA shipping invoice, RMA shipping packing list.
Multiple customer RMAs to one vendor RMA.
Partial process of RMA documents.
Extensive reporting of customer, vendors and inventory RMA.
Inquiry feature provides up to the minute information of both customer and vendor RMAs.
Source code available.


The WebRMA module offers web access to your RMA information. Customers can login using a validated account and password and can request RMAs on line, check status of existing RMAs or inquiry the history of closed RMAs.

The system offers automatic email notification of RMA authorizations and RMA rejections, to both the customer and administrative user (RMA personnel).


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