WMP is a Warehouse Manager system designed for Accpac Pro Series & Visual Accountmate, and provides you with the necessary tools to implement a paperless order preparation and processing system.


Faster and more efficient order preparation process.
Improves accuracy of orders being shipped.
Allows better control of your inventory stock levels.
Easier physical location identification of products in the warehouse.
Eliminate transcription and data entry errors with real-time data capture.
WMP adds new levels of control to order processing
Bar code labels for products received from customer and vendor.
Sales personnel must approve orders before they can be processed in the warehouse.
Orders must pass credit criteria before a sales person can approve them.
All communication between departments is done electronically (sales, warehouse, accounting)
Incorrect shipment identification during order preparation for shipping and receiving.
Discrepancy reports during order shipping and receiving.
Process multiple orders simultaneously.
Use UPC, supplier or in-house part numbers.
Bin assignment recommendation during item receiving and shipping.
Detailed packing list by box/carton, with box weight and dimensions.
Serial number tracking for serialized products.
Auto generation and label printing of serial numbers for non-serialized products.
Integrated inventory counting.
RF capabilities integrate with popular SYMBOL hardware to provide roaming freedom and more effective preparation of orders, with real time data processing. No batch processes or data downloads to perform.
PC based software allows to perform all tasks without the need of RF hardware.
Order locking during order processing to avoid changes by sales personnel once an order is being picked, or ready for shipment.
Source code available

Pro Series/Accountmate  VS  WMP
Typical cycle for an order in Pro Series/Visual Accountmate
a) A Sales person will receive an order an input the information on the Order Entry/Sales Order module.
b) When the order should be ready for picking, the sales person will print a picking ticket and deliver manually to the warehouse.
c) When the order is ready for picking, the sales person will print a picking ticket and deliver manually to the warehouse.
d) The order will be prepared in the warehouse according to instructions on the picking ticket. Details of packing will be annotated on the picking ticket to notify accounting of the products being shipped.
e) Accounting will process the order according to the details provided on the picking ticket.
A scenario like this presents a number of problems:
- The communication process between sales and the warehouse allows for missing picking tickets. An order will never reach the warehouse and will stay on a limbo process until the customer requests a status of the order, or is missed completely.
- Since the process will never go through credit verification, the warehouse personnel will be working on orders that won't be shipped, or will be shipping orders that do not meet the credit criteria.
- Products and quantities on each order will be verified visually against the picking ticket requirements. This allows for wrong product identification (especially when carrying products with similar packaging), and wrong quantity of products being shipped.
- The creation of the invoice allows for quantities different than quantities picked in the warehouse.

Typical cycle for an order using WMP
a) A Sales person will receive an order an input the information on the Order Entry/Sales Order module.

b) When the order is ready for picking, the sales person must approve the order. Warehouse personnel will not be able to process an order until it has been approved for shipment.
c) The order will be then validated for credit terms and proper account status of the customer (no past due items, credit limit, etc)

d) If an order does not pass the credit criteria, it will be automatically placed in hold and an electronic message will be sent to the credit manager.

The manager will then review the customer status and choose to approve it or reject it. If the order is approved by credit, it will continue the regular process. If the order is rejected, the credit manager sends an electronic notification to the sales person indicating the reasons.

e) Warehouse personnel is notified automatically of orders that need to be prepared.

Using the supplied PC interface or the more convenient RF hardware, they will proceed to pack the order. The packing process is validated on line, making sure the right products and the right quantities are packed. If an error is made during data input, the entry will be rejected automatically. If the order is not packed in full, a packing list report will notify of the discrepancies.

f) Once the order is packed, the system will send an electronic notification to accounting.

g) Quantities invoiced will be taken directly from the packing list information, ensuring that what is packed in the warehouse is going to be invoiced.


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